The Western Ruins

In celebration of having completed my part of Tai Ming's second zone, I decided to take a quick break from the asian theme and move back to Evergrind City and its surrounding fields!

This map here is in fact the one that can be found north of the farm, in the western Evergrind Fields! It'll be the key to opening the final dungeon, but until you figure out how to do that it's just a bunch of resting ruins in the middle of the woods. 

Let's go:

Trees & other props added with the editor
Selecting a nice base color for the grass
Ruin #1
Some old & broken pillars, transformed from the ones found in Tai Ming
Ruin #2
Ruin #3
Ruin #4 + Rearranging the pieces
The final piece
The finished ruins
Some final details: grass decorations and an abandoned path
While this map likely won't be implemented until all three zones of Tai Ming are completed, it's been on my mind for a long time, and I'm sure the "this way is blocked until we implement temple x" notice has bothered a lot of you guys as well! This way, at least you'll be able to move around almost everywhere (with the exception of the desert and onwards, which hasn't been added yet of course) without annoying notices!
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  1. Seen Owlboy? Graphics there are INSANE!
    (it reminded me of SoG ^^)

    1. I have actually! I'm very excited for it to be released finally, it's sooo pretty :D