Zone03 - The Shrine (Outdoor Entrance)

And so, it's time to begin making the Third Tai Ming zone for real. I can't believe we're finally starting on the last stretch of this dungeon... It's taken a looong while for sure :D

In this post, I'll be making the basics of the first map, which features the entrance to the sacred shrine where the artifact you're after sleeps. There's a lot to add - walls, grass, the platform and the building on top of it. Some things can be reused from previous maps (parts of the architecture and the cave walls), others have to be made from scratch (such as the platform and it's decoration):

After all of that's been made, I add trees, bushes and rock with our editor tool. Finally, it's back to Photoshop to add flowers and grass decorations! Once all of that's done, we're left with the basic version of the area:

Tomorrow, I'll make a post featuring the different ways I've spiced the map up by adding details and unique props. Until then! :)
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