Alumni Days 2016

Since we live on the island where our gamedev education was held, every year there's a couple of fun events for us alumni to attend. Last week was one of them: the Alumni Days!

The Alumni Days consist of 2-3 days where people who graduated come back to school to hold lectures on what it's like out there 'in the industry', answer questions at a panel, plus attend some parties and dinner(s)!

This year was an absolute blast, and there were a lot of great lectures, all of which will eventually be uploaded on this YouTube channel. Go check it out if you're an aspiring dev - there's already a ton of lectures from previous years :)

This year's edition went on from Thursday to Saturday, so there were three days of lectures and hanging out with other devs from our old class (among others)! While living on this isolated island can be quite trying sometimes (everything else is sooo far away), it's great to be able to meet up with everyone like this and get inspired by other developers.

Now if only it could happen more than two times per year..! :D
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