What's Next? + Christmas Plans

Next week it's time for us Swedes to celebrate christmas! Yaay!

Teddy is already back at his hometown catching up with friends and family and Fred will leave middle of next week. Starting tomorrow I'll take a bit of time off from blogging (gamedev work tends to go on anyway) to do some holiday celebrations as well. 

The blog will be back with the new year, on Monday 2nd!

With my parts of Tai Ming almost being finished, it's time to start looking ahead and think about what's coming next. First up, we're gonna update Arcade Mode, adding the Mt. Bloom and Tai Ming floors (and after that likely spend some time adding bonus things - Housing for example). Once I complete the final things for Tai Ming (the final room + cards) that means I'll be focusing on Arcade Mode backgrounds and a TON of furniture, which will be a lot of fun!

Holiday Greetings from Dante!

After that, it's finally time to start with the next area... I've already completed most of the art for the desert, which is supposed to come after Tai Ming, so for me that means I'll begin playing around with the harbor town that comes after it. Then there's only two temples/dungeons left! I can't believe we've actually come this far, haha. Though it's been 5 years already it feels like we began working on Grindea yesterday. Time flies when you have fun, and working on this game has definitely been a blast from the start!

Definitely looking forward to another year of fun gamedev, and I hope you'll all stay with us through our journey! After all, without you guys there would be no game. So thank you for the support, and I hope you have a happy holiday/merry christmas/just a wonderful time :D

See you next year!!
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