Time to start working on another batch of items! This time it's the one unlocked by entering Seasonne, and here are the basic items that will be available~
One thing we've been working on recently is creating a suitable effect for an upcoming battle! For this blog post, I thought it'd be fun to take a look at our iteration progress as we implement and improve upon an idea!

After some further discussing of the Housing and it's 'batch' system (where you unlock a batch of x items in the furniture shop every time you enter a new area), we made a list of base items that should be included in each batch!

The second to last background for Tai Ming: The Courtyard!
Once more, in the spirit of having shorter design meetings but scheduling them more often, we've had another set of discussion regarding upcoming Grindea stuff! This time we've mainly focused on the next dungeon (!) and the bow.

The Fourth Dungeon
So, we've talked a lot about this back and forth over the years. We do know we want it to be ghost/undead themed, but it's been hard to decide on a setting, and we've gone from wanting it to be a ghost ship, to a ghost ship + an island, to a shrine on an island, and back to just a single ghost ship. After today's meeting I'm fairly certain the 4th dungeon will indeed be a ghost ship, where your goal is to move from the bottom of the ship to the deck where the final artifact awaits you.

So far, in our very basic design, there will be a big floor at the bottom, which will be used as the ship's storage area and where you'll move through a set of rooms solving various obstacles until you get the skill used in this dungeon: an item that allows you to see into the spirit world. Some of the enemies and other.. things.. on this ship can only be seen & interacted with when using this skill. That means there might be flying swords coming after you that you can do nothing about until you have the skill that allows you to see the actual enemies!

The following two floors will consist a main corridor, which you're supposed to get through. Only there's obstacles in the way forcing you into other doors in hopes of finding a way around the obstacles, finding enemies and challenges on the way.

The ghost ship will probably be around the size of Temple of Seasons (that's what we aim for, at least), and the main focus of the dungeon will be to use the dungeon skill to solve various puzzles and obstacles.

The Bow
We also talked a bit about the bow, since it's something we haven't touched upon a lot since it was implemented a hundred years ago! We agreed that we want to add more upgrades for the bow in general -even bigger quivers, more damage, etc, but we're also looking into adding a bunch of talents for it (we want to add a ton of talents for basically everything, haha).

We're also thinking of adding a NPC somewhere that can modify your bow into a fire or ice bow (there might be more options as we come up with them). With the fire bow, your arrows have a chance to burn on enemies, and the ice bow has a chance to make them cold. I'm guessing this NPC would be found in the later stages of the game, perhaps in the upcoming desert town. Either that or modifying your bow will be expensive enough for most people to save up for it for a while. But nothing about that is set in stone yet - gotta finish Tai Ming first :)

Okay! Time for the final Tai Ming Card (unless I've forgotten something and lost the notes?!): Echo of Madness!!

Alright! Before posting the final card this week, let's take a look at some more housing items!

For the second card this week, let's take a look at the Monkey Card!

In order to keep things clear about where we're heading, plus better keeping track of our design ideas, we've decided to have shorter meetings but keep them more often. So this week it was time to get together and discuss the future of Grindea once more!

More cards this week, as we finish up the Tai Ming card album! First up: the Ancient Statue card :)

Oh yeah, time for those Halloween items I mentioned yesterday!!

Housing! It's a subject we touch upon every now and then, but as we get closer to finishing Tai Ming, we also get closer to implementing the dang system (finally)!

Okay, so before moving on to some housing stuff (gotta mix things up a bit), I think it's time to take a quick look at what has kept Teddy and Fred busy for a while, aside from a very spoilerific cutscene or two... :)

Next, the Plantae Hostilis card!

This week we'll begin with some cards, and end with some housing. First up: the Thorn-Worm Card!

All great things must come to an end (or so they say), and with this post, it's bye-bye to the Library!
Another thing we've talked a lot about before going on christmas break was Arcade Mode. And there's some pretty huge changes coming...!

Finally, the third and final part of the Library (past version)!
So, in order to complete Tai Ming we had a huge meeting some time before christmas break where we finalized a bunch of design things in the third zone. If you're scared of story spoilers, I would avoid reading the rest of the post, as it involves some of the plot points to come... ;)

Happy New Year (and we're back)!!

For me - and I guess pretty much everyone else - last year was quite overwhelming. But instead of thinking back on all that, let's look ahead and focus on the positive things.
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