??? Battle Preview (Spoilers)

Okay, so before moving on to some housing stuff (gotta mix things up a bit), I think it's time to take a quick look at what has kept Teddy and Fred busy for a while, aside from a very spoilerific cutscene or two... :)

So, as I mentioned last week, you'll be battling Zhamla. I already mentioned what kind of attacks he'll have in general, but now it's time to look at our prototype (note that the area is simply placeholder, the actual battle will take place somewhere else.):

This is just the first version of our prototype, but it showcases some of his patterns. He'll have an ice spell to make movement a bit more cumbersome - though we're looking into changing it into a nova that leaves ice on the ground rather than just a spell that creates ice all over the floor in order to have his spells resemble those of the player a bit more. 

He also has an epic version of meteor strike, a spell that causes lightning to strike pretty much everywhere, and below you can see his bullet hell (don't worry, he'll only use it once), and a spell that causes thorns to grow across the playfield (which we'll probably change into another version of the earth spike, again to make the spells closer to the players). 

There's a lot of tweaking left to do, as you can tell from my description, but we have a good foundation for the battle, and it means we're another step closer to finishing the temple, wohoo!! :)
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  1. Any chance that our meteor spell can be a little like Zhamla's? C: Like not as overpowered obviously but something like firing multiple meteors at a time? That would be FUN!

    1. We actually wanted the final version of the meteor to be something similar once upon a time, but then we needed to cut down on the number of spell upgrades (because as you can tell it already takes forever to make this game and spells are very time consuming to make and balance properly). I guess it's possible we'll add that final level again or change things around once more at some point, cause it would definitely be totally epic to have a meteor shower. But at this point I can't say for sure :)

  2. Actually; hearing you say that makes me feel better. I like that you're very ambitious but also realistic about your projects. Game developers always struggle to make the fun ideas in their head work but being someone whose stuck with you guys for a long time I know it's incredibly difficult to tweak with skills and abilities when you guys still have alot of "Game" to finish.

    I still enjoy your game I really do and my friends who I got into the game (Having never played such a game before) Fell in love with it and made up head canons for absolutely everything. (Justifying who would be the parents of the 2 characters who aren't the main character was absolutely hilarious: My friend doesn't realize that the original Black Ferrets; you know your ingame representations were based off of real people so she immediately jumped up when she saw your representation and went "There we go. My mother." Followed by her getting killed and shouting "WHY MOTHER")

    We had alot of fun times in the game and each experience is enhanced thanks to the work you Ted and Fred do. I'll try not to shower you guys in skill based suggestions. Unless you don't mind so you can kind of have it on a list of things to try for fun. Anything you personally would like ideas on? I mostly only have weird ideas.

    1. Thank you, I really appreciate your support (and the funny story)!! :D

      We're always open to new ideas and suggestions for anything and everything, the best place to share them would be our suggestions forum on the main website: http://secretsofgrindea.com/forum/index.php?forums/suggestions-feedback.6/

      That way all Pixel Ferrets can read your ideas and other players can come with input as well :3

  3. I'm part of the forums. I just can't change my username. We're friends Vilya XD I was just gone for quite awhile. Heilias! If you can change my name somehow I'd appreciate it. And I'll try not to suggest over-the-top things XD