Happy New Year!

For me - and I guess pretty much everyone else - last year was quite overwhelming. But instead of thinking back on all that, let's look ahead and focus on the positive things.

Often people - myself included - tend to focus too much on the negative stuff happening and forget any positives, or at least won't give them as much attention. A very good example of this is reading reviews of your own game. No matter how many positive reviews you get, it's that negative one you tend to remember. It's rather strange, isn't it?

So, for this year my resolution is to focus more on being positive and practice seeing opportunities rather than obstacles. I'd like to look forward instead of back, thinking about fun things about to happen rather than that dumb thing I said last week (or month).. ;)

There's been a lot of criticism of games and media these past years. My wish for 2017 is that the dialogue is adjusted slightly. Instead of only talking about what we don't like, what we wish people would change, what we hate... Let's talk about what we love. What's really cool. What we'd like to see in the future.

Let's dare to dream.

Indie gamedev is wonderful. Hopefully this will be another amazing year working on Secrets of Grindea and sharing that journey with all of you. I've never been happier than now, being able to work with what I love. People have been kind and respectful. I've been treated better by gamers than any other type of person in the world, I kid you not. Yes, there are some bad eggs out there (especially in competitive gaming), but there's also a lot of kindness and compassion. Let's not forget.

So. It's 2017. It's time to take a chance, make the leap. You won't truly know until you give it a go. Doesn't matter if it's trying your wings as an indie gamedev or finally asking that person out. You know what Shia LaBeouf would say:

Now, have a great year 
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