Tai Ming Zone03: "The Library", Part 2

Happy New Year (and we're back)!!

Remember before christmas, when I started working on the final room of Tai Ming's third zone? Well, over christmas I finished it, and here's part 2!

The main focus for this part is the doors! Since the bookcases will hold a bunch of different items, many of which aren't books, I thought it would be cool to add doors and make them look a bit cooler. Plus, variations and all. So I made four different sets of doors: two types of glass doors (one long and one short) plus two types of wooden doors (one long and one short).

In the end the smaller wooden door didn't get used, but who knows, maybe it'll turn up in the future somewhere!¨

After creating the doors, I began adding a bunch of random props, some which have been used before in various places, as well as some edited stuff. In the next part, I'll show you a bunch of props that were specially made for this area and which I recorded the making of! So look forward to that video later this week :D

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