The Courtyard

The second to last background for Tai Ming: The Courtyard!

After this there's only the final Boss Room (which will have a couple of variations, so it's still a bit of work left before I'm ready to completely leave Tai Ming behind)... What a journey!

For this background, let's start with the basic sketch:

The circle in the middle are my indications of where you need to be able to battle stuff, hence there shouldn't be a lot of stuff in the way around there. Otherwise we have a huge altar of sorts, and some greenery... 


And the final image below! You may notice the door from my sketch (on the altar) is missing. Actually you probably didn't notice since it wasn't very clear it was a door.... BUT in any case, there will, indeed be a door there in the future (I hadn't made it at the point of taking the screencap below...):

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