Seasonne Housing Batch ~Special Items~

This week I'll be focusing on more housing content, while Teddy and Fred continue prototyping the Mimic boss!

Last time when we looked at the Seasonne housing items, there were a bunch of the basic ones. This time, it's time to add some random special items! A christmas tree, christmas stockings, garlands, presents, a christmas flower... Pretty much everything christmas inspired I could think of quickly:

Do you feel like we missed another christmas themed item that would be cool to have in the house? Go ahead and comment! :)
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  1. I've been thinking about this since your last post and I can't think of much more that you can add but here's a few that might look good:
    -Mistletoe hanging from the ceiling or down the wall
    -A Christmas card or two (perhaps set on the table like the flowers are?)
    -A glass of milk and a cookie left out for Santa, or a Christmas pudding
    Other than those I think you've got everything you need for a perfect Christmas in Grindea! :)

  2. Milk and cookies would be a nice idea like the other poster mentioned. Only other item I could think of would be a wreath even though you have the garland.
    And maybe this would be part of the wallpaper but Christmas lights? could interact with the tree and have different settings for the lights. That of course is just unnecessary and more time should be spent on other things :p