A Batch of Spoiler Portraits

And here it comes, the batch of spoiler portraits mentioned before. Do not venture forth unless you're ready to get some heavy spoilers!
Yes, Zhamla is growing up to be a quite troublesome lad. As he returns to Tai Ming once more, I first had to make a bunch of his portraits featuring the crown:

And then, a more pale, and crazed version. He is indeed beginning to lose it, and it's starting to show:

We also made an alternative version where his eyes are a slightly different hue. It may not be as apparent in this sizing as in the 200% of the game, but these ones are red while the ones above are blue. Not sure we will use the red ones though:

And finally, his grand turn, and the portrait you will see him use in his boss form, shown some weeks earlier:

How will this end?!
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