Friday Meeting: Post Tai Ming

With the third Tai Ming zone up and running, and the base of the dungeon essentially completed, it's only natural to have a meeting to discuss the feedback we've gotten!

Before uploading the patch our inhouse testers had given us two point of views on the third zone: one said it was impossibly hard, the other said it's too easy. The general consensus after uploading the patch seem to be it's somewhere in between those two (yay), but we'll keep monitoring your comments and make adjustments to the difficulty accordingly.

Aside from the usual bunch of bugs and a couple hotfixes, things seems to be sailing pretty smoothly and now all that remains is cleaning up the placeholders, await sound effects and polish things up for the stable release, which is our next goal!

So, for the next stable release, we'll basically clean up Tai Ming to the best of our ability and launch the dungeon when it's properly completed. We'll also be adding a couple of things to the dungeon before patching as well, namely:

* A couple more NPCs in Tai Ming's first zone
* A secret chest...somewhere I won't say
* New shop items

We'll also make a slight change to the Mimic battle so that the Mimic spits out the puzzle block's ...plate thingy.. (the thing you push it onto) when it dies, rather than it being there from the beginning. It felt a bit unsatisfying to push the block onto it only to be rewarded with nothing until the battle's done, so that had to be fixed!

Now, as for what happens after Tai Ming... Previously we had an idea that we'd do a vote for what you people would like to see added, but after discussing our options today we realized there are so many things we feel need to be added ASAP, that we'll probably end up doing all of those and only save the super optional stuff for later. More about that later!
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  1. Can you tell us if we need to time travel to get the new chest?

    1. Hmmm... No, you don't need to time travel :)

  2. When Aitem was mentioned in the latest patch, it gave me an idea. The npc's also mentioned boat access, which means that Grindea must be surrounded by water, or there must be water on the world map already. You guys mentioned that the next dungeon will be a ghost ship, so what if the desert used to be water, but for some reason got dried up and so the ghost ship got stranded.
    On top of this, the desert could be part of Aitem, OR Aitem could be a completely new area with a whole other world map. It could be a post-game area, with new dungeons/bosses and quests etc.
    Final idea, is having the Goddess Grindea as a secret boss - I think that would be cool.
    Just some ideas thrown out here, take what you want as I know how much work it is to make a game, keep up the good work.