Mimic Boss Portrait.. Part One??

No boss without a boss portrait! Time for the Mimic~
As the title implies we are not yet sure if this will be *the* boss portrait, or if we'll have several, one for each state. So before making this one, I made some quick sketches to work out what size each of the iterations would have in their portrait versions, should we decide to add the other ones:

For now though, we are gonna start with just the small one, and play around with adding the other two in a prototype, to get a sense of what it'd feel like to have them appear after you complete each iteration:

What do you think? Would you like to have a new boss portrait appear every time you beat one version of the Mimic, or do you feel it would get too spammy, throwing you out of the mood of the battle? I guess it's hard to imagine without actually trying out the fight, though.. Maybe we should include a way to try out the different versions in next frontline update, unless it would mean too much work for our poor overworked programmer!
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  1. It depends on the pace of the battle. If after each stage, there's a small pause/cutscene where you think you've defeated the mimic but then it grows larger/starts moving, I think multiple portraits could add some humor. Bag could do his usual comments, something like "Seriously? It's not dead yet?"

    However, if after defeating him/depleting his health bar enough, it immediately goes to the phase, I think one portrait is good enough. I kind of like the fact that the boss portrait doesn't look menacing. When it progresses to its larger more intimidating form, we don't really need another portrait to know that **** got real.

  2. Well if you only use one portrait for the boss it shouldn't be the one posted above. It's a main boss, a big one, it shouldn't show it with a funny face sticking its tongue out.
    However if you will use different portraits for all the phases you can keep it as it is.