Mimic Stage 3, Preview #2

Remember the Mimic? Improvements have been made, and the prototyping goes on!

Since the last prototype we decided to keep the waves he spits out, but with mixed enemies, so there will be enemies from all around the world rather than from one area at a time. We also removed a couple of waves, since this fight likely is long enough as it is - this is stage 3 after all!

Occasionally while you battle the wave(s) he spits out, the Mimic will launch random disables or damage dealing stuff as well. These can be anything from bombs, slime, rockets, fire - you name it! These will be random, but certain disables/attacks don't unlock until you've progressed far enough in the fight.

Yet another step closer to finishing the map! Now there's mainly a ton of animations and polish, polish, polish remaining!! :D
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