Mixed Bag

With Tai Ming's third zone nearing completion, it's only natural to have one or two Mixed Bags towards the end!

First up in this rather short mixed bag, we have some crown variations. Currently, as you might have seen, we're using the top left crown for Zhamla, but we felt it didn't look cool enough, so we went back to sketch a bunch of variations (seen above).

In the end we decided to go with the one in the middle, and I made a new version seen below:
Wow, he looks rather strange! Wonder what happened to him...

Next up, I don't know if you remember the shield artifact from the previous maps, but he's making another appearance in this one! Below you can see Fred's version of a podium he's on:

And since we want Fred to focus on animations and only animations (we have like over 9000 of those after all), I went ahead and decorated the podium a bit to make it fit in more with the rest of the background:

Finally, the decorative sparks we use on top of everything in a certain battle scene have up until now still been placeholder graphics, the ones seen below:

Since we're adding a bunch of polish right now it was time to fix that and turn the sparks into proper pixel art:

Much better! Now, that's all for this time, keeping it short and simple - another step closer to finishing the zone. :)
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