Mount Bloom Arcade Mode Rooms Preview, Part #1

And now, some new stuff! More precisely, Arcade Mode backgrounds!!

To make the Mount Bloom Arcade Mode floor, we'll be using a bunch of basic room backgrounds as base, and create variations by decorating them in different way.

When creating the bases I make a standard background, add some basic decorations that don't need colliders (basically floor and wall stuff, such as moss and vines), as well as four exits - one in each direction:

The exits are on their own layer, and beneath is a solid wall, so you can simply apply the number of exits you need for the specific room. Some might only have one door, others might use all four.

I then make a second and sometimes a third variation of the basic decorations, moving moss and wall decorations around so they aren't all exactly the same:

Next step is adding props that have colliders, which are added using our editor. In order to increase the sense of variation we divide each backgrounds into four parts, and create a minimum of two variations in how the props are placed within each corner. 

Once that is done, the game engine will be able to mix and match each corner for the background, creating 16 possible variations per background, if each corner has 2 different layouts:

The basic room shapes are the same, but thanks to different numbers of doors and decoration differences, they feel more different than they are. These are only the first two room types, next I'll be making a bunch more to increase the sense of variation as you progress through this floor.
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