Tai Ming Zone03 Preview

There's still some way to go before the third zone is completely ready, but we're sooo close now I couldn't help myself but had to make a tiny preview of what you'll see~

Basically, more time travel, battles, flashbacks and a big freaking mimic!! Also some pretty epic turns in the main story, oh my. Can't wait for you guys to try it out, hope you're as excited about this dungeon as we are!!
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  1. So the concept of Tai Ming temple/dungeon is time? That's really cool, I love that kind of stuff. Maybe we will get some time-related puzzles, or maybe not, no pressure of course haha.

    I was amazed when playing the temple of seasons, and was worried that the temples after this can't be as good as this, but this new temple seems capable of proving me wrong.

    The monsters honestly seem kind of so-so, but I'm probably saying this because the season knights and mages were ridiculously good.

    The time-shifting animations are gorgeous (pic 2 and 5)! I know nothing about pixel graphics, but it's amazing what people can do with them.

    I found this blog just recently, and this is probably my first comment here. I think it's really cool of you to consistently post progress of how far the game is made.

    1. Thank you for your comment! :D

      The theme for Tai Ming is indeed time and time travel, there will be a lot of travelling back and forth in time moving things around to progress forward. While it doesn't work exactly like a traditional temple such as the Temple of Seasons, it's a lot bigger and there are many more characters (and more story) to follow. Hopefully you'll like it just as much! :)