Zone03 Entrance Map Adjustments

As mentioned in yesterday's meeting post, it's time to expand the Zone02 entrance map!

Above is a reminder of what the map used to look like. As you can tell, there's already something corridor-like about it, but it's not going too far before it opens up. After our discussion, we decided on expanding the map by about another screen, so I went to work doing just that:

In the corridor we decided to stick various objects such as those purple vaguely torii-shaped objects, a couple bells and some of those statues that have appeared throughout the town, and below you can see the finished version:

After trying it out in game, we definitely feel this is a lot better. Not only does it make more sense when compared to the previous map, it also serves as a much better introduction to the map! It is some distance to run, but hopefully it's not long enough to annoy people too much :)

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