A Housing Update

As you might guess housing is one of our main priorities right now, so here's another update!

Teddy has finally implemented a way to actually get the house, which is up and running in our inhouse version. The way you get the house, for now, is that once you've completed Flying Fortress, the scientist Kim will appear in Evergrind City next to your currently not-yet-built house, explaining one or two things about the science behind the houses in the game (and your own)!

She also wonders if you'd like to help test out some new systems, and upon agreeing to do so you'll be able to purchase the house from the carpenter, who will build it for you. After this is done we plan to move Kim back to the lab in the HQ where she'll continue doing other experiments (gotta keep busy, you know)!

As for the house, once it's been finished (this happens once you change screens once), you'll get a very short and basic explanation of how to use it upon entering the building.

We've continued working on the icons that illustrate what tool you're currently using, and here they are in action:

First up, the style icon (seen above). After some thinking we've decided the arrows for each of the icons need to be remade, and it's also missing a proper outline and an animation at this point.

Next, the carpet tool's "carpet version":

For this one we're actually considering using the old version (seen below) after all, to make it stand out a bit more from the carpets you're editing. 

Finally, a GIF showcasing both the stack and the move tool:

The stack tool (as well as the carpet tool) don't use the correct freeze frames right now which means the animation isn't paced exactly right (it'll pause for longer on each stack once it's been fixed), but it gives you an idea of what it'll look like. The move tool is missing an animation as well, but works for now. 

I think with some proper outlines and new and improved arrows for everything, this will work out quite well in the end. We did have a discussion regarding whether or not to use a more simplistic style for each of these (like the old version of the carpet tool), but decided against it in the end. This way there will be a little more color, and hopefully each icon will stand out enough on their own once the outlines and proper animations have been added!

Our goal is to have these fixes done asap and then upload the whole thing for you to try out on Frontline! So, fingers crossed, the patch might be up and running later today! :)
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  1. Is there a way for you to put up times for when these were added, not just dates?

    1. Do you mean the blog posts? If so, each post is scheduled to be published at 18:00 CEST Monday-Friday, though every once in a while I forget to set up automatic publishing for a post and it might get posted a few hours later. I'll look into seeing whether a time can be added to the date section of each post!

      If you mean the patches or game content, we don't really know when they will be ready to be implemented at the time of posting the blog posts, so can't really be more specific in regards to that :)

  2. How does housing currently work in multiplayer?

    1. When first purchasing a house, the host needs to be the one who makes the purchase in order for the house to be built in the world, but clients who don't own a house of their own yet can buy a key which also automatically makes the house available in their own world once they go back to single player.

      Then you can select which player's house to enter at the door, and can go into any house in the multiplayer session so long as the owner isn't currently editing their layout. So basically you can go into a friends house and they can go into your house at the same time, or you can both go into the same house. If someone starts editing their layout the visitors will get kicked out of the house until they are finished.

      I think that should cover the basics, let me know if I missed something :)

  3. nice! I'll test it right now!