Housing Preview

Finally, after many twists and turns (and a ton of housing items), we've managed to make a somewhat playable test build of the housing system, which we've started testing within the team!

Without further ado, here's a bunch of GIFs, featuring the most basic features (changing wallpaper/floor texture, adding basic furniture, creating carpets, changing the style of an item, and placing items on top of each other):

And here are some of our (not very creative) test houses:

Since this is the very first steps on creating a fully functional housing system, there were a ton of things we needed to discuss, and a bunch of changes we definitely have to make! 

In order to plan all of that, we decided to have a looong meeting at our favorite fast food place (as usual). What was said in that I'll disclose in tomorrows post, so stay tuned~ :D
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