Monday Meeting: GGC Week!

This week is a very special week, seeing as it's the annual GGC week!

GGC is short for Gotland Game Conference, which is basically a game expo where the students at the game design education showcase their game and a bunch of people from the industry is invited as judges to give feedback and select which ones did the best. It all culminates in an award ceremony with an after-party where we all get a chance to hang out together and share experiences with other game developers. So basically, it's great!

This year GGC runs from Sunday to Tuesday, so as I'm writing this post we've already finished Sunday's work, and are about to head out to do some game testing this evening (we're likely already there once this post goes live).

So yesterday we got to watch a ton of presentations (pretty much 5-10 minute pitches) for each game we're responsible for. Me and Fred got to watch presentations made by the second year students this year, and Teddy was sent out to watch the third years. While those are the games we have a main responsibility to judge and provide feedback for, we're encouraged to play all the games.

On Thursday, once everything has settled down and the winners have been chosen, I'll write a wrap-up post about the event as a whole and the games we liked the most. Tomorrow and Wednesday will be regular posts, though! We'll be able to squeeze in a bit of work before and after we go to the event every day, so hopefully things won't get too disrupted.

When we're not at GGC judging games and hanging out with fellow game developers, this week will be all about some last minute housing polish, finishing up the remaining details and the graphics needed for them! In fact, we hope to be able to patch once we're done at GGC, so sometime during Wednesday.
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