The [Arcadia Rework] Begins! Part #1: Candy Stand & Annual Meetings

Sometimes, it's easy to forget that being a gamedev involves more than simply making games and managing the community surrounding it. Today (when this gets posted, a while ago) we had our "annual meeting", which is a formal thing we need to do to review the year and how the company has fared through it.

This year we also formalized and signed contracts surrounding Secrets of Grindea and its IP, protecting it and us in the unlikely case we no longer get along. While we trust each other 100% it's so much easier making these contracts while there are no issues, rather than try to solve any such issues as they arise in a not-so-likely future. In fact, we should have done this years ago, before we even started selling the game.

If you're an aspiring gamedev, I very strongly advise you look into getting a contract outlining exactly what each of you will be doing for the company and what happens in the case where one or several of you want out. You might think there will never be any problems ahead, but you never know, and it's better to be protected than to wish you had been. Also, money can easily change people, and I've seen countless horror stories out there where devs no longer get along once they start selling their game as opposed to it being a dream.

In other news, I've also started working on the proper Arcadia graphics now that the design is settled! Here's a video featuring the first part, Candy's Curses:

And here's the whole map! I thought I'd post this after every new step, to show you the town slowly taking shape:

One I've made all the finished buildings, I'll make the flat version with signposts where the buildings will be. The reason I'm starting with the finished buildings is so that each plot will be big enough: it's a little hard to tell exactly how big a building will end up being before I've painted it and it's surroundings, and I want to be able to adjust the paths and greenery to fit the built versions :)
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