[Arcadia Rework] Remedi's Alchemy (Part 1)

And now, back to the Arcadia rework once more. There, it's time to introduce Remedi's Alchemy, an important part of your future arcade runs...

 In this first part we focus on the wagon itself, and in the next we'll add a bunch of interesting surroundings: strange and mystical flowers that have luring the alchemist to this remote town!

And here's the usual progress pic, slow but steady:

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  1. Nice job! hahah
    I'm just wondering, will we be able to buy potions before the arcade runs? If not, what Remedi's Alchemy will do?

    1. Thanks for your comment :D Remedi will indeed have potions for you! We are about to rework the potion system though, so it will work slightly different compared to now (see the last part of this post for more information: http://www.vilyaroo.com/2017/01/another-design-meeting-magic-weapons.html). Basically Remedi will allow you to select one (or more, we haven't decided on the exact numbers yet) potion to bring with you on your arcade run, which will refill slowly as you battle enemies :)

    2. thanks for replying :). I'm a huge fan of SoG and want to know everything about it hahah

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