GGC Wrap-up

Sooo! GGC is over, and it was a blast. It seems every year the quality of the games keep increasing, and there are always a couple of games that totally manage to blow me away!

For those of you wanting a glimpse of all the game presented at the conference, check out this video:

One of the showfloor favorites, and clear winner of many of the awards at the award ceremony was this little gem called Pump the Frog, made by a bunch of first year students:

Totally charming and so well polished. It was hard to imagine they only had 8 weeks from start to finish, incredibly impressive work! It's also nominated for several SGA (Swedish Game Awards) categories, so its success might continue on to other venues as well!

Another personal favorite was Eyes Align, a visual novel-esque game in which the characters were wonderfully handcrafted puppets that were recorded against a green screen. It's too bad they weren't showcased more clearly in the trailer because they were absolutely delightful:

Finally, I found that one of the more polished experiences was a vertical slice called Refracted Fate:

While it lacked a narrative (for now), everything else felt very complete and satisfying. It also had the best introduction of game mechanics across the showfloor - while a lot of student games tend to forget explaining the controls, this one made them really easy to understand without disrupting your playthrough.

If you want to know more about the conference or would like to see some cool pictures from the showfloor and presentations, head over to the conference website!

Now all that remains from me is writing feedback for each of the games I tried. I guess I know how I'll be spending this weekend! :)
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