Lumber Menu WIP

Yesterday, you might have noticed a tiny surprise-patch! While we're working hard on getting the house reshaping tools up and ready, yesterday's patch was of the smaller kind, adding a couple of the item fixes mentioned previously and that skip-quest mechanic that allows you to skip quests you've already completed! For the full patch notes, check the post here~

The next step on our path to complete the house editing tools is finishing more door. Now each wallpaper has a corresponding exit both upwards and to the sides:

And now that those are out of the way, it's time to return to something we haven't touched in a rather long while... User interfaces! First, we need to get some stuff together so you can purchase the lumber that allows you to extend the size of your house and rooms!

And it all begins with a basic item sprite (you will be carrying the lumber in your inventory, after all), and a modified version for the shop menu:

Next, we begin sketching what the lumber purchasing interface could look like. Since lumber is a very different item compared to furniture, we wanted to keep them separate. Therefore, rather than being part of the regular sales, lumber purchasing will have a special interface, loosely based on the Nurse in Arcade Mode:

The main things of importance in this interface is how much lumber you wish to purchase (and how much it costs), how much gold you have, and how much each lumber costs at this level. We decided that after you've purchased a number of lumber, the overall price per lumber will go up. This way it'll take some extra work (or rather gold), to get those huge mansion type buildings!

Once we were satisfied with the sketch I went ahead and made the rendered version, also featuring how much lumber you currently own, which we realized might be interesting to see as well: 

Tomorrow, we'll take a look at another interface: the menu where you'll access the house editing tools, as well as a revamp of the save and load parts! Stay tuned~
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