Monday Meeting: The Future of Housing

So, I'm sure you're all wondering what we've decided to do in regards to Housing. Keep it as it is, add a number of layouts or implement a system which lets you create your own rooms?

After considering all the feedback from you guys (thank you for your contributions all of you!), we've decided that we do want to further improve the housing system, and we'd rather do it now while it's fresh in our minds rather than sometime in the future.

Since we estimate the development time will be more or less the same between creating pre-designed layouts or having you guys make those layouts yourselves, we've also decided to go for the the later, allowing you more freedom in your house building endeavors.

This of course means a whole new set of design decision that needs to be ironed out before things can be implemented properly. For one, we need some kind of build tool where you can edit the walls, pull them down or up and change the size of each individual room. This will be a challenge in itself, but will have to wait until the system runs properly (Teddy has already started working on this).

Second, we had to discuss whether increasing your house size would be completely free or something you pay gold to do. The idea we came up with is that each tile/square in the house represents a number of "Lumber" (might change the name later). This means that as you expand your house you'll use up lumber, but should you make it smaller again, you'll regain them. You can purchase the lumber at the carpenter store for gold, though we haven't decided how expensive it will be yet.

As now, there will be a minimum number of tiles each room can be, but you'll have a lot of options in terms of the shape, since you'll be able to move each wall tile up or down. While this system will need a lot of fine tuning, I think it'll be great in the end!

So, this week we'll take a look at the house shaping tools taking shape (ha) and the related GUI elements.. :)
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