Monday Meeting

Last week we spent three days at GGC, which meant a lot of our usual work was slowed down for a while. Nevertheless, we managed to get the housing patch up and running, so if you haven't tried that yet, go ahead and test it!

The initial feedback seems very positive, and I'm actually surprised to see how many of you seem to really enjoy building your houses! The interiors that have been posted all look great and so creative, I didn't even know you could make such cool layouts with the things we made so far. Thank you for that all of you!

Now we have a lot of interesting decisions to make in regards to the housing system, and we'll have extensive discussions about this during this coming week. First of all, we need to decide whether we'll leave the layout as is, with the single option of changing house size, or implement one of our other alternatives: the option to add new rooms freely, or provide a number of pre-designed layouts.

Each of these options, except for keeping things as they are, will mean a lot more time has to be spent on the housing system. While we'd love to do that, we also recognize the need to finish the game and actually get it out of early access, and so it's not such an easy decision as it first might seem. I mean, ideally, we'd like to add everything possible to give you the most options, but every week spent on housing also means another week before the game can be considered complete.

I guess there's also the option of leaving things as they are for now, and possibly return to the system in the future and then introduce more advanced layout option. We'd still introduce new pieces of furniture, of course, and we've already gotten a ton of cool ideas based on your suggestions! If you have any more ideas for housing and what to do with it, please go ahead and let us know by commenting or posting on our forums!

During the rest of the week, while we discuss how to proceed with housing and keep on reading your feedback, we'll start adding some of your suggested item fixes and continue working on arcade mode! Stay tuned :)
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