More Housing Fixes and a New Feature!

More fixes, this time focused on editing some of the sprites (or creating new ones), so they fit better inside their designated squares!

First up, the beer keg (above), which has been changed to a bigger version. In the original, left version, it was simply too small and left a lot of space on each side. Making it even smaller (to fit a single square) wasn't an option, so instead we decided to make it a lot bigger. It now takes up 4 squares, and while there's still some space remaining, there's not nearly as much of it.

Next up, some of the Temple of Seasons bushes, which used to take up about 1.5 squares, also making them very annoying to place within your house. For these, we decided to make them smaller instead:

This flower crate also got a smaller version, which now fits a single square as well:

When making chairs facing upwards in the last post, I forgot to include the Pumpkin Woods chair and bench! So, here they are: 

We've also started working on a new object, which is a weapon stand where you can place your 1- or 2-handed weapons to show off within your house. In the top left corners of the below picture, you can see two of our iterations for the 1h version. In the end, it'll be something closer to the right one, as it shows off the weapon better and feels more balanced:

In semi-related news, another thing that will be included in the next patch is the long-awaited feature of being able to skip quests you previously finished in a multiplayer session! Before this patch airs, you've had to redo every single quest in single player, regardless of how far you got with your friends (unless you were the one hosting). Now, you'll get a notification about having completed any given quest in a previous multiplayer run, and the option to skip to the end of it:

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  1. does the quest skip include story quests? or are they simply for sidequests?

    1. They include all quests! So both story/main quests and sidequests :)