Monday Meeting: Utility Skill Patch & The Future

After a couple more weeks of designing, implementing, polishing and remaking, we have finally patched the frontline beta to include the new set of Utility skills! With the addition of these skills, we expect the game change a lot for some players, if not all - we suspect a lot of you have longed for something to use spare silver points on, and many of the Utility skills offer new paths of gameplay. In short, we can't wait to see how you guys use them, and what the feedback will be.

While we hope it will be possible to balance all of this properly (we've done our best so far, but we're always ready for your feedback on what's broken and what may be too lame), we are aware that depending on your feedback, we might have to rethink certain things. For instance, if every single one of you hate a specific skill! Because of this, it's important to let us know what bothers you (and what you like!) so we know how to proceed. As always, feel free to share your opinions on this patch and the skills here or on the forums!

And as always, to see the full patch notes, go to this forum thread!

Since most of our thoughts and discussions have been shared already (Utility skills all the way) last week, I'll be talking a little bit about the future instead!

Teddy will focus this week on bug fixing (no surprises there)! There's already been a bunch of reported (and not reported) ones discovered, so that will likely keep him busy for a while, as well as any needed rebalance.

Fred will go back to touching up the desert enemies (specifically the Solem) and will then proceed to make graphics for all of those desert inhabitant portraits I've been working on. As soon as things calm down a bit with this new patch, we'll have a meeting where we discuss a bunch of fun upcoming things that will need a ton of animations, specifically another Marino battle and the enemies of the next dungeon!

Meanwhile, I'll return to focusing on the Arcadia Rework, which will be my main focus for a while to come now that (hopefully) everything needed for the Utility skills have been fixed! Stay tuned :)
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