Utility Skill Icons

As we continue to test the Utility skills, we're now fairly sure these are the ones we want to use in the end, and so it's time for me to make a bunch of skill icons!

First up, the Focus skill (the very first frame of each WIP-animation shows our current placeholder icon made by Teddy, and the last frame is my reinterpretation):

Focus is the current name of the meditate skill which allows you to channel EP by holding the skill button, and allows you to cast a skill for free after a set amount of time. Since it's EP focused, we decided to use a purple background (as the EP meter is purple). 

Next, the Barrier, which in our game kind of looks like a bubble engulfing the character, and so I wanted to focus on that in its skill icon: 

For the blink skill, we had a bit of a hard time coming up with something that would resemble the skill at all, in such a limited amount of space. This might be the skill icon I'm the most unsure of, as it might look more like some kind of healing skill than a blink skill (though maybe that's just my associations due to the green - perhaps a simple color change might help in that regard): 

Next, Death Mark, fittingly using a skull (I modified the one used in the animation where boss-Vilya yells out insults at her minions in the second battle), and added some decorations based off of a sword behind it. Red, as it's an offensive skill that will help you deal a lot more damage:

For the Stasis icon, I focused on the stasis effect, which grays out an enemy and disables them from combat. In this case I took a Rabby sprite, turned it black & white and painted some background patterns around it:
Finally, for challenge I brought out boss-Vilyas insults once more! As you yell at the enemy you're targeting, your own character will begin cursing at them in a similar way, so I thought it'd be nice to use the same graphic indicators for the insults:

And here's the lineup:

We haven't made the buff icons yet, as we're currently discussing whether we want only two or if it would be more fun to divide them after all. Since we haven't come to a decision yet, we'll refrain from making their skill icons until we do.

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1 comment:

  1. I agree that the blink icon doesn't represent it as well as I think it could. Maybe an icon of a silhouette in a running stance with lines/dirt cloud to indicate speed. But that might end up looking more like haste or something.

    And for the focus icon, it kind of looks two people touching hands rather than someone putting their hands together and meditating/focusing. Unless that was the intention.