Utility Skill Menu

The next step on our quest to implement the Utility skills is making the proper menu backgrounds for it! The old one is rather outdated, and in fact much older than the rest of the skill menu:

So the first thing we need to decide is what kind of layout we want to use for these guys. Three in a row, or two next to each other with the buffs centered beneath them?

To avoid any confusion when jumping between the different levels, we decided to go three in a row, but make them slightly longer so they'd be more visually pleasing. Next, time for some decorations, beginning with a sword to don the offensive utility skill section:

For the defensive utility skills, I made an edited version of a shield that's used in a different section of the menu (the talent area, to be precise):

Finally, for the buff section (which we haven't given a proper name yet - might become something else entirely), some magic and glitter:

And in the end, here's the new and improved utility skill section! Still missing the title texts and actual skill graphics, but that's for Teddy to puzzle together with the engine:

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