[Arcadia Rework] The Arena

And now the time has come to add another exciting building we're all looking forward to: the Arena! In this building you'll not only be able to battle your friends in a set of mini-games and challenges, you'll also be able to do practice runs against bosses and other cool things:

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  1. Will all these arena features be added in the Arcadia revamp update and will they be added to the main game arena as well? Also, could this replace the boss room in the Collector's HQ?

    1. Our idea is that the Arena in Story Mode and Arcade Mode will be pretty much the same, with the addition of the boss re-battles in the Arcade version. It is possible we'll move the boss re-battling in Story Mode to its arena as well, but we haven't made any final decisions regarding that yet!

      All of the mini-games and other features probably won't be available from the get-go, we'll keep adding stuff as we progress. It's also possible you'll unlock certain arena things by doing quests. We'll see! :3