[Arcadia Rework] Arena Edit

Moving on to the Arena, we decided to make it larger (and in turn, more detailed)...

...So we made the top part of it higher, and the whole thing wider. For decoration, we added a few posters showing upcoming challenges or fights to take place in the arena. I mean if they don't advertise what kind of stuff goes on there, how will the NPCs of Arcadia ever get interested enough in going? Gotta sell those tickets!

And here's the new and improved, slightly bigger arena:

We're also preparing the Aquarium change(s)! First by moving it and the bank to align with the cinema, and next filling the top part of the Aquarium's roof with water. In the water you'll see fish silhouettes once it's properly added to the actual game:

Finally, increasing the size of the map:

It is rather a lot bigger now, but most of the extra space will be covered in trees and only serve to not make it feel like the map is cut off too close to you. It does feel a little more epic if you can imagine the vast forest expanding around the town, after all!
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  1. Hum... this is only a opinion, i think the Arena edit was good in overall, but the inside is a bit to empty, you know? It was less noticeable when small... maybe add some seats or Caesar throne inside can take away the emptiness fell. (Again, it's only a opinion)

    And other thing, I see Evergrind, Fae and Tai Ming references (people, houses, the tree, garden, etc) but nothing about Sailors from Merchant Isles. So... I was thinking, it doesn't have to much space (maybe increase a little more?), but you can add a "covered wagon" merchant, the person is inside like Remedi, maybe add another one stocking up goods, similar to Tai Ming area... Oh well, this is all my opinion... thanks for reading it.

    1. The same as I though. Whats with some Lens Hood like here:


      or here: