[Arcadia Rework] Clock Tower Edit

So, time to begin working on those changes. First up, the clock tower!

As some of you mentioned, it's a little short, so we'll make it slightly longer (though honestly, not by much: we still want the bell on top to be clearly visible when you enter the building). We also wanted to make the clock bigger and more detailed, so that when you change what time of day it is, the clock will change as well. Also, some silly decorations, because why not: 

And here's the new and improved, slightly longer version of the clock tower:

Next up, some minor detail additions for the Cinema and Inn, adding some fences and decorations. Proper grass, flowers and further details will be added once this second iterations of town is completed:

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  1. This looks like such a cute little game. However i do wish you have put the name in clearly so that your readers could download it as well. This is cute and interesting