Talent Names

One week has passed since we got back to work! Teddy's main focus since then has been bug fixing galore, as the previous patch introduced a bunch of bugs (as they tend to do) and brought some old ones up to light as well.

The talents we decided upon now have names (though some are subject to change):

Knowledge is Power - MATK gives ATK
Riposte - Perfect guarding within x range of an enemy deals some damage to the enemy you guarded against
Blood Thirst - Killing an enemy grants increased attack speed for a short duration
Combo Starter - After a normal attack, your melee skills have increased critchance for a short duration

Fast Talker - Increase Castspeed
Soul Siphon - Hitting an enemy with a wand projectile will grant the user some EP
Concentration - Increase resistance to having the (magic) spells channeling interrupted by enemy hits
Specialist - Increase damage depending on how many skillpoints you have in the same magic tree (as an example, the more fire skills you level, the stronger your fire skills will be overall)
Wand Master - Icreased damage from wand projectiles

Got You Covered - Increase buff duration
Metabolism - Increase EP regen
Health Insurance - Increase healing from health orbs
Lady Luck -  Introducing a low chance of enemy attacks missing your character
Utility Flow - Chaining Utility skills lower their EP cost (the more utility skills you use in a row the cheaper their cost in EP, up to a maximum percentage). A talent designed with the true support players in mind, who need more EP to buff a full team!
Kinetic Energy - Get EP from blocking attacks with your shield
Efficient Counter - Perfect Guarding lowering the EP cost of the next skill

We're currently experimenting with a melee talent that increases the attackspeed of your next normal attack(s) when you've been out of combat for a short while. In the general tree, there will also be at least one talent relating to the bow.

We're also considering increasing the number of talents in the general tree to 21 (as opposed to the planned total of 20). The reason for this is that we'd like to fit all talents in a single page, without the player having to scroll down. Our idea is to go for something like this (super early mockup WIP, obviously, we'll have to adjust all of the graphics to make this work):

It's a bit cluttered, but with a few adjustments we hope it won't be too messy on the eye. We believe, at least, it will be better this way than to introduce scrolling. In the Magic and Melee talent sections, things won't get as cluttered either, as they won't have as many talents: at least for now, our max total is 15 each. 
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