We're Back!

Weeeee're back! After a week of recharging our batteries, it's gonna be great to get back to work: but what a week it has been! Seriously, I don't think I truly realized how tense and stressed out I've felt until a few days into this week off and it all just ran off me and I remembered how it feels to be relaxed.

In our field, when you truly love your job and there's this culture of promoting working 24/7 and taking pride of it, it's really easy thinking taking time off is unnecessary. If you're one of those people, I really recommend forcing yourself to take a week's break if possible. Just try it out! Maybe it's not for you, but if you're like me, it may come as a shock how much you really needed it without even realizing it yourself.

Needless to say, I feel pumped, full of energy and totally ready to return to work with an amount of enthusiasm I haven't felt in years. And to start it all off, we just got back from having a meeting discussing what our next steps will be!

As you know, before taking this break, we launched a patch with the complete rework of our current skills in hope of making them more balanced (and fun). We've read all of the feedback coming in, and for now there aren't any major changes we want to do. We will keep monitoring the feedback and possible change a few things, however: such as increasing the HP of certain enemies that have lost some of their tankyness due to the increased damage of most of the skills.

Now, to properly start the next step we had a meeting today discussing the additions of more talents! We have wanted to add a bunch for a while now, as mentioned before. For now, we've decided on adding 5 new Melee talents, 5 new Magic talents and 10 new General talents!

Starting with the Magic talents, some talents we discussed and confirmed will be added are:

* Increase Castspeed
* Hitting an enemy with a wand projectile will grant the user some EP
* Increase resistance to having the (magic) spells channeling interrupted by enemy hits
* Increase damage depending on how many skillpoints you have in the same magic tree (as an example, the more fire skills you level, the stronger your fire skills will be overall)
* Icreased damage from wand projectiles

As for the General talents, some you may expect there are:

* Increase buff duration
* Increase EP regen
* Increase healing from health orbs
* Introducing a low chance of enemy attacks missing your character
* Chaining Utility skills lower their EP cost (the more utility skills you use in a row the cheaper their cost in EP, up to a maximum percentage). A talent designed with the true support players in mind, who need more EP to buff a full team!
* Get EP from blocking attacks with your shield
* Perfect Guarding lowering the EP cost of the next skill

And the Melee talents we've decided on so far:

* Killing an enemy grants increased attack speed for a short duration
* Perfect guarding within x range of an enemy deals some damage to the enemy you guarded against

There are still some left to come up with, but it ended up being a very long meeting and there are still some suggestion threads we haven't properly looked through on the forums that we want to take a peek at before deciding on the last few! Stay tuned :)
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