Fred's Friday: Back to the Desert!

While I continue doing Arcadia stuff, Fred returns to the desert! Over the weeks I've made quite a bunch of portraits for people in the desert, and now it's time for Fred to start making their sprites~

Here's a bunch of the inhabitants you'll be able to talk to in the upcoming desert town, also featuring their WIPs and various stages before the final versions were picked (the final selection are the one in the circle on top):

There's also a bunch of fishes being made for the Aquarium that will be available in the Arcadia Rework! So exciting, look how cute they are:

Gotta catch 'em all... :D
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  1. will you add an aquarium into the story mode (kind of like animal crossing's aquarium system)?

    1. We haven't talked much about bringing the aquarium into story mode yet, but it's possible! We'll see what happens in the future :)

  2. Oh my god, can we get that merchant hat and scarf (probably the whole outfit) as cosmetic items - PLEASE.