Monday Meeting: Remedi's Questline

So one of these days we had a really long discussion about how to get the new potion bottles (specifically bottle number three), which resulted in us doing an overhaul of Remedi the Alchemist's character and planned questline.

A perhaps little known fact about Remedi is that he is in fact a rather old man trapped in the body of a youth after an accident in the lab. He mentions this briefly if you talk to him when he's not involved in a quest, but it hasn't been very clear this far. In order to amplify this, we've decided that he should start off as an old man, and be transformed into his young version when he has the Pumpkin Woods quest for you.

We believe that this will make his predicament more clear, and will play an important part in the next questlines, where he will transform into various things in his goal to regain his original form. One such quest is the one where you'll get the second bottle. After deciding we wanted the quest to take place in Mount Bloom, we came up with a ton of ideas for what it should entail, ranging from:

* Going into Mount Bloom with a drone that harvests mushrooms dropped by Shroomies
* Remedi transforming his nephew into a boar which will dig around for mushrooms
* Battling a ton of shroomies in a very small room
* Battle the cave troll Fred made a sprite for ages ago, but which hasn't made it into the game yet
* Look for special drops by smashing container mushrooms in a different (new) color
* Find and kill a bunch of special elite Shroomies

... and so on! At this point we wanted to quest to be quite straight forward, so finally we settled for the last one in that list: battling some special, elite shroomies as well as getting a bunch of other drops from the mountain.

We also discussed when exactly you'd be able to get the quest, and while we said from the beginning that it would be available after Temple of Seasons, we decided to have it activate once you've started Lurifix quest inside Mount Bloom instead. The reason for this is so that people who haven't been in Mount Bloom yet will be able to pass through the area without any special elites appearing in their first playthrough, possibly confusing the quest mobs for regular mobs!
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