Monday Meeting: A Week of Potions!

This week will be all about potions, as we finally start polishing the rework! In fact, the very reason for us having a meeting this week was that Teddy already made a prototype of the system and wanted to discuss it with us.

To refresh your memory, the potion rework is about giving you three bottles that you can fill with one potion each. After you drink a potion, the bottle will refill slowly as you battle enemies. This was the basic prototype added by Teddy, but unfortunately he did not feel it was very fun, and after trying it out as well, me and Fred agreed - to an extent.

In fact, for a while we talked about scrapping the potion rework altogether!

However, after playing around with the system (Teddy also included settings which allowed us the change the speed of which a potion recharges, their duration, as well how big of an effect they have), we found that we'd been looking at it the wrong way, making it too difficult to recharge the potions.

Basically, in our first iteration, you got quite a large effect but refilling the bottles (done only by battling enemies) took forever, and felt more like a chore. So instead, we decided to reduce the effect quite significantly, but have the recharge process be much faster. We also decided to add a passive refill that slowly refills the bottles for you even when you're not in battle. This way it doesn't feel like you're losing out on refill time when you move from one group of enemies to the next.

We've also decided on what potions we want to have, which so far is a lineup of seven:

* Health Potion - refills a tiny portion of your health
* EP Potion - restores your EP
* DMG Potion - Increases the damage you do for a short duration
* Crit Potion - Increases crit chance for a short duration
* Gold Potion - Increases gold droprate for a short duration
* Arrow Potion - Increases the number of arrow that drops

And finally, the most important one:

* Chicken Potion - Turns the player into a chicken!

Yes, we're serious about that one. Might not be very useful, but fun! We're also considering adding a Speed potion that will increase your cast/attack speed, but we haven't made up our minds about that yet. Anyway, the rest of the week we'll be busy making interface stuff, a new character that will help advertise the new potion system and of course, testing, testing, testing.

There will also be another quest added in the next patch, which will give you the third bottle (the first is given to you for free, and the second will be the reward of Remedi's quest in the Pumpkin Woods). Exactly what that quest entails hasn't been decided just yet, but we'll come up with something cool!
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