Old Potions & Pet Food

One thing we didn't mention in last weeks posts are what will happen to your old potions. We aren't so cruel as to simply remove or disable the pots you've bought so far - instead they will turn into pet food (which, honestly, is probably what most of you have used them for so far).

As such, we'll be adding a new shop to the game: Oak's Pet supplies, found at the farm in Evergrind West! At Oak's Pet Supplies you'll be able to buy dishes to feed your pet(s) with, each one boosting a different stat.

At first, we weren't sure whether we wanted to keep these foods simple, calling them simple things (such as HP Food, Crit Food, etc) and having a very basic appearance (basic pet food cans in different colors and with different icons depending on what stat they boost). However, after some discussion we thought it'd be more fun to use 'real' dishes, with fancier names.

Sure, it does not make as much sense that Oak is selling outright food at his farm, but we'll make that work later on. Maybe that's why nobody is buying things at Belmont's café? Oak is serving better stuff for cheaper! It's food for pets but who cares so long as it's tasty, right..?

Anyway, without further ado, introducing the dishes that have replaced your old potions:

Light Ceasar Salad - Nothing like a light salad to keep you up on our feet! This dish is replacing the old speed potions, and boost speed when fed to your pet. 

Hearty Stew - A thick and warming stew to boost your health! Feed it to your pet and you'll get a nice HP increase.

Spicy Prawn Soup - A hot soup that will help you land those crits after you feed it to your pet. 

Grilled Rib Eye Steak - A grilled beef to keep your damage high. Replaces the old damage pots.

Sweet Sundae - Finally, a sweet dessert for your EP needs. Feed your pet this yummy dish and it will be sure to help you keep that EP up and running.

Here's the final lineup:

And the title of the shop page! We decided to go for Pet Supplies rather than Pet food since we want to keep our options open: maybe Oak will end up selling other things as well! Such as new taming items.... We'll see!

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  1. almost makes you want to be able to make something similar through crafting, but with a lesser effect than spending the money at Oaks.

  2. Will you implement the buying of fishes soon as well?
    It wold be fitting since we can now buy foods for our pets.
    If not, when have you planed to implement it?

    1. Right now we haven't planned on making you able to purchase fishes at all, actually! We have a couple of ideas for cool things Haddock might do, but ironically selling fishes ain't among them (as of right now anyway)