[Arcadia Rework] The Bank Indoors

And now, a completely new building, not previously available in any form: the Bank! How exciting! ...Maybe.

So for this place we wanted the look of a waiting room, with a kind of office-y feel to it. People requesting loans and whatnot will be waiting for their turn, while the player can just waltz up to one of the desks and request an exchange of gold to essence (or the other way around)!

Aside from the desk where the bank workers will be, there's a (heavily guarded!) vault, and a water cooler, cause waiting times for non-players can be quite extreme...

The WIP video:

Finished version:

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  1. you should have an NPC in there that the player can talk to, who when talked to says how she hasn't been able to get an appointment but as soon as a player comes in they get one straight away!

    1. Haha, that's a really good idea! I like it :D