Battling Mt: Bloom!

Before moving on to more Tai Ming floor stuff, I wanted to finish a rather important boss room for Mount Bloom: the one where you'll battle the Black Ferrets (the awesomest trio in the game, am I right?!)

As you may know, this battle initially takes place inside the HQ, but will now be in Mount Bloom, as it's where you'll be at Arcadia wise. As such, we extracted the vital points of the map (the actual size of the fight area, so Teddy does not have to make new boundaries for it):

...And the proceed to make a new version of the area, set in Mount Bloom instead!

It's kind of amazing how much smaller the fight area looks when it's surrounded by water rather than more of the HQ, but it's the exact same size! Teddy and Freddy will each be on the opposite end, hurling their blades at the unsuspecting player(s), just like in the original battle:

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  1. I found Mt. Bloom to be one of the easiest levels. I know everyone says the boss fight is pretty tough but I managed to get it...after a couple hundred tries! Okay so I'm not exactly a master but I'm getting there. Thanks for this