Office Changes & Illness

As you may or may not know, for these last four years or so, we've had our office in a spare room (the guest room) in our apartment. It's been pretty nice having your workspace so close, but it has also had its own challenges, such as being easily distracted by the pile of dirty dishes in the kitchen when you should be working, or simply not knowing where work ends and where free time begins (hint: it never really ends when you technically live in the office).

Last time we went to a semi-regular After Work event for the game design industry here on the island, we heard there were office spaces available where some of the others work, and the more we thought about it, the more we realized we might actually benefit from having a small office outside of our home. This way we'd be able to keep work and free time more separate, hopefully making it easier to focus on both, while actually getting outside more (enforced 2x10 minute walks through Visby to get to the office and back) compared to leaving the apartment twice per week for groceries.

So last week we went to check on one of the spaces, and we kind of fell in love! It's on the third floor, rather small but not much smaller than the space we're currently in. It honestly didn't take much thought before we decided to go for it!

It'll be available to us from the 1st of December, so expect some exciting posts as we move into our new office and make it ours. I don't have any pictures of it right now, but I'll make sure to take plenty once we're actually moving in.

Meanwhile, I am actually destroyed by a nasty flu from hell that just decided to take a turn for the worse over 2½ weeks in (hello fever), so this will likely be the only post you get from me this week. Fred and Teddy will continue working as usual, but as I'm the one in charge of updating our blogs this will be a rather silent week, I'm afraid. Hopefully a few days in bed will finally make this go away!

Until then, have a nice week all of you :)
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