Arcade Mode Interface Planning

Alright, back to business! As mentioned before, we're at the point where we need to design a lot of interface stuff and decide how things will work together and unlock in terms of the new Arcadia rework features.

These include new interface indicator for gold, treats and curses when you're running around inside Arcadia itself. Here we decided to combine Treats and Curses. Previously we said you could pick either Treats or Curses, and have three of each, but since then we have changed our minds: now, you'll be able to pick and choose between Treats and Curses, but you can only pick 3 in total. It's good to keep in mind that 3 isn't a 100% fixed number at this point, we'll have to try things out and see what feels good. The final number could be anywhere between 2-5 (is my guess, anyway).

We haven't actually decided on which specific Treats or Curses to include yet, so if you have any cool ideas, feel free to share them with us! As a reminder, Treats are features that will make an Arcade run easier, but lowers your score, while Curses make your runs harder and increases your score!

Selecting Treats/Curses at their respective NPC will need a menu of its own too, as will the Cinema's replay feature (where you'll be able to view past runs), the Bank exchange service (where you can convert Essence to Gold and the other way around), and Master Ji's challenge selection (where you pick which of his shield-focused challenges you want to try). We also need to come up with the challenges the latter will have.

The Arena will mainly use the interface from Story Mode, but we will also need a menu where you can select your last three characters that reached any boss in the game and have a go at the boss again. Here, we've decided to keep the Multiplayer mini-games, while the single player ones will be replaced by the boss-rebattle feature. Our reasoning here is that it might be fun to be able to challenge your friends to mini-games in the Arena without having to start Story Mode (since we have the arena anyway, you know), while the single player portion of the Arena doesn't make as much sense to keep and works better in Story Mode alone.

There's also another matter we need to discuss, and finalize: whether the build time of unlocked buildings will count IRL time, the time you play Arcade runs, or both. Last time we talked about this we could not decide, so now's possibly your last chance: what would you prefer? To wait a short while regardless of what you do, to have to play arcade runs for the buildings to finish, or to be able to shorten the waiting time by playing arcade mode?

Let us know what you think!
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  1. Hey Vilya!

    For Curses:
    - One that guarantees at least one badass enemy spawning per room (conversely, it could be used as a Treat where you guarantee that no badass enemy will spawn).
    - No nurse run (increase score multiplier by 1.2 or something as a reward)
    - No health orb/potion run (Increase score multiplier by 1.5 or 2)
    - No Utility skill run or alternatively, no Talent point run (Skillpoints gained per usual as the character level)
    - Enemy does 1.25x damage (conversely, as a Treat, enemy does 0.75x damage)
    - No shopping run
    - The birthday suit run [No armour/shoes/hat/facegear run] (weapon/shield/accessary drop as per usual)

    As for unlocking and build time, the ability to be able to shorten the waiting time by playing arcade mode should be preferred as it will encourage players to play arcade mode.

    Super excited for whats to come!

    1. Some good ideas here, should definitely take these up.