Desert Houses

Before I start sketching the town layout, I wanted to get a feeling of how the houses would look like, so I began to sketch a bunch of alternatives for random basic buildings. Like the house in one of the desert maps, these have a slightly different design compared to the rest of the houses in the game, much like the buildings in Tai Ming:

Once I was done with the sketches, I added a character sprite and quickly realized they were much bigger than they would be in game, so I resized them to fit better:

In order to truly grasp what they look like, I decided to make a few of them in the actual artstyle too. This will give a better feel for color and shape, and I'll be able to use these houses in the game, or at least parts of them, depending on what the final town design ends up being. 

Here's the WIP: 

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  1. Will the Arcadia Update be releasing next week?

    1. I wish that were the case, but Teddy has a lot of new systems to implement still! It will probably take a few more weeks, or so I expect