Arcadia Misc

My turn to take a quick break from the Desert Town to fix somethings for Arcadia! First up there's a new NPC, who will appear as you develop the farm. Her character sprite was actually made a long time ago for story mode, where she'd play a mechanic part that was since scrapped:

Meanwhile, since Chika will be responsible for the eggs and hatching mechanics, we thought it was time to upgrade her from being permanently sad to actually enjoying her job a little (who doesn't like chickens and/or eggs, right?):

Speaking of eggs, those things need drop appearances since you will be able to walk around with them in your inventory:

And as part of the farm experience, there will be a new perk as well! This one will make capturing eggs easier. Since my first attempt at this perk icon (the left) looked a bit like it had more to do with apples than pet capturing, I made a second version (on the right) which will more likely be the ones we'll use:

And finally.. A strange little box:

What it will be used for? Announcing that you've captured a new fish, that will become available in your Aquarium in town, of course!
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  1. You know... you really are improving in your portraits, this one is no less than beautiful (is she Chika's sister?), I was looking the older ones to see how much progress you did, and it is just amazing.

    Also, on a side note, the problem of improving art in a game/project is that when you finish it, the discrepancy between drawings is so big that you feel an urge to change the first ones for the sake of style fitting. This happened a lot with me, lol...

    1. Thank you! After working on this game for more than 6 years(!) it's indeed a problem with graphic changes (hopefully improvements) over time, the newer areas barely look the same as the first few and the portraits have been remade twice already, haha..

      The plan in this case would be to go back and touch up the early graphics while Teddy (our programmer) is busy implementing the last few things and doing bug fixes before release, things we artist can't help with much anyway :)