Arcadia Rework Inhouse Testing Galore!

Today and the next few days will be all about bug testing this beat of an update. The Arcadia rework has been fully implemented (aside from some smaller polish things), and before it can be released on frontline we need to do some testing of our own. 

...and it's a good thing we did! One of the first things we noticed was a hard to figure out bug that crashed the game every time we entered a specific type of event room. There's also been a lot of other smaller but kind of obvious bugs that we've been able to clean out that definitely would impact the player experience.

Other than that though, our testing sessions have gone really well. Most things work and the main new feature (the building your town thing) feels pretty satisfying, to us at least! The whole of Arcade Mode has gotten some upgrades pacing wise, with things unlocking as you progress, which feels a lot more satisfying.

There's still some bug hunting to do, and some smaller things to fix, but you should be able to expect the update within the coming few weeks - possibly even next week, if things go as planned. Now I better get back to testing - and graphics fixing! Exciting times.. :)

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