Fred's Friday: NPCs ... and a gate?!

This week Fred has worked on a bunch of NPCs! Not only will there be an autumn fae bandit leader in the Saloon, you'll also get to see a couple of old friends(?), who may or may not be too excited about running into you again:

In the desert town, meanwhile, more NPCs are appearing, and here's one of them, a swimmer enjoying the clear water:

As Teddy continues to implement Arcadia Rework stuff, one or two new animations were requested as well. Here's an animation featuring the gate to the farm, which can be either open or closed. If it's open, the animals you keep at the farm will be able to roam around the entire map, while if it's closed they'll be kept inside the pasture:

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  1. Do you have an expected release time for the Arcadia update?

    1. Not yet! We're still adding some final touches and then there's some inhouse testing to be done before we release it on frontline. Hopefully it's not too far away though!