Mixed Arcadia Fixes

Time for some mixed Arcadia fixes! I know we're not completely done with the Desert Town, but I needed to go back to Arcadia to fix these things so Teddy can continue implementing 'em. First up, we decided to change the name of:

..to the slightly more ominous:

Our reasoning here was that a 'challenge' sounds like something it's possible to overcome, while the idea of these insane runs is more a case of seeing how far you can get before the inevitable end.

Speaking of insane runs, the boss practice in the Arena needed a new interface where you get a ranking ranging from S to D on your encounter with said boss. Points will be deduced if you take hits or take very long to finish:

Next up, here's a little reminder of what Master Ji's dojo looked like when I was done with it:

...and the reason I'm showing it is so you can compare to this smaller version:

We decided to make it smaller to make better room for the camera and just limit the space in general: there's really no reason to run around to much when your main goal is to shield the enemies!

Next, another reminder, this time of the farm:

As mentioned yesterday, you'll be able to hatch chickens from (enormous) eggs, so I went ahead and made the nests where these will be placed:

Investigating an egg will give you a hint of how much time remains before the egg is ready to hatch (though in rather vague terms ranging from 'not in a while' to 'soon', hah! The actual amount of time it'll take will be decided on as we continue testing.

Next up, some small interface things, namely a button for selecting shield training and 'shop title' windows for when you talk to Master Ji, Muffin or Candy respectively:

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  1. All titles are good, but in cinema title the "The" is a bit unreadable, (through, the sprite in game can be way larger, so, maybe it's fine).

    I like the egg system, can we get other things aside from chickens? You know, the egg isn't even from one to start with (strange purple dots!?), on second though, Secret of Grindea hens are not normal either way, (they are invincible, like most of games I know, lol). It's a very good mechanic and can be very rewarding, so, in my opinion, it could be a waste to use this only for chickens (even multi-colored ones).

    1. Thanks for the comment! There will definitely be more things that hatch from eggs, maybe not from the get-go (aside from an egg you'll be able to get in a special way), but we have plans on adding more later on :)