Arcadia Misc

More random additions for the Arcadia rework! First up, a bunch of new eggs:

Some expressions for another quest-giving fae:

The drop appearance for the two new hats shown earlier:

Four stages of a life insurance, a new feature which will allow you to keep a portion of the gold you gain throughout your arcade runs. From the beginning we wanted you to keep everything from the beginning, but the gold income varies very greatly depending on how far you get, so we thought this might be a good solution to keep those getting very far from unlocking too much all at once! The life insurance can be gained after building the bank, and each new rank of life insurance is the reward for various quests or requests from the bank man:

Shadier merchant, who sells items in exchange for you max HP has gotten a new sprite, and as such, I updated his portrait again as well:

There's also these rewards for the various dojo challenges! I'm not sure whether the rewards will be implemented in time for the frontline batch, but at least now the rewards have been made. The inspirations are the belts commonly found in martial arts:

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  1. Will old progress carry over in any way from the previous arcadia for long time players?

    1. If you have finished Arcade Mode quests previously, you will keep their rewards, or unlock them automatically whenever the quest would have become available in the new system. Basically if the NPC in charge of the quest is unlocked when you purchase the Tavern, for instance, you will get the reward after unlocking the Tavern, rather than a repeat quest :)

    2. What about essence and perks? Will they be converted or transferred in any way?

    3. They will be kept as well! We really recommend people to start anew in order to get the 'true' experience, though, as the mode is pretty much fully revamped :)

    4. Will there be a way to wipe your arcade save if you wish to?

    5. You can reset your arcade save at any time by going into any folder, typing %appdata%/Secrets of Grindea in the directory address at the top, then deleting the arcademode.sav that's in there! We might add a temporary option to delete your save through the game when the patch goes live as well, depends on if there's enough time :)

  2. Thank you for your time!